About SANCO Greater Tshwane

We, the South African National Civic Organization (SANCO), pledge our commitment to a unified, democratic, non-sexist, non-racist, non-exploitative South Africa based on the freedoms, rights and values enshrined in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

SANCO as a civic movement, is constituted by the residents of South Africa and is founded on the basic needs, aspirations and expectations of the masses of the people.

The guiding motto is: “People-centered and People-driven”.

We believe that the commitment referred to above and the attainment of our aims and objectives can only be achieved in a united country with strong governance, an effective civic movement and a vibrant civic society.

SANCO promotes nation building, truth and reconciliation, socio-economic development, political development, transformation, and peace and prosperity.

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  • nation building
  • truth & reconciliation
  • socio-economic development
  • political development
  • transformation
  • peace & prosperity

What We Do

SANCO endeavours to:

  • Promote empowerment through projects, programmes, campaigns, education and training
  • Represent and negotiate on behalf of its members with parties, organizations, and authorities on any matter affecting their interests
  • Lobby authorities to propose favourable legislation and to comment on proposed laws, actions or policies of authority affecting the interests of residents
  • Institute legal proceedings and other action on behalf of its members, and to defend residents’ legal interests (individually or collectively)
  • Co-operate with progressive organs of civil society (both locally and internationally) with similar aims and objectives
  • Conduct, co-ordinate and publish research on developments pertaining to socio-economic and political issues of public interest affecting members and residents
  • Form a Trust on behalf of its members, as the sole shareholder in SANCO investment projects
  • Establish and promote community projects and co-operatives
  • Do things as may be in the interest of the organisation, its members and communities, not inconsistent with the objects or matters specifically provided for in its constitution